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A Therian's Diary

   I remember stories from my dad when I was younger I would growl or nip at him if he tried taking away fresh meat from me, almost wolf-like, and even when I got a bit older I would bare my teeth and growl if someone new and I didn't know came around, as if they where an enemy, I would occasionally yelp in pain instead of crying out and saying ouch, when I got older the feelings of being this wolf grew more and more, and it felt stronger, I started to become more wolf-like and my attitude, my posture, everything started to transform into a wolf-like appearence, I may not have the teeth, claws, ears and tail to proove the transformation but the mentality does proove it, when I was 16 my mom and dad told me, it was cute when I was younger and that I had to stop doing it, secretly I kept doing it under their noses, it would be like ripping my soul out of me, and leaving just a shell, but occasionally from time to time, they would catch me and put me on medication to think that would help my "problem" in their eyes, the medication... never worked, my wolfish soul grew over more powerful but I knew to them I would have to keep it from them, my mom and dad, since I turned 18 and moved to the location I live now, my wolf got to experience ranning in the trails next to the complex where I lived, the wind wildly rushing through my hair as I ran past the trees, the birds singing and the world felt ever so peaceful, even when it gotten darker I stayed in the woods, only to find myself in my home, the woodlands, the moonlit sky, the stars twinkling in the background, I felt as if I was home, I would still walk around never to be afraid of what is out there, sad part was I felt alone.... I didn't know there where other people like me... other people of my breed, I didn't know there are other Therians, especially the wolf, I never found another, so far I feel as if I am my own wolf...a lone wolf, never to have a pack to call my own.. I felt as if I had to go back to humanity once more to pretend something I wasn't... I am not a human to myself... sociaty thinks I am but I am most curtainly not.. I may have the traits to look like one, but my mind and soul isn't, everyone I have ever contacted with, tell me I have the soul and attitude as a wolf, and that they like it, its something new, instead of everything being so cookie-cutter perfection, I am saying this because I am now 22 and I live with my fiance, and she accepts that I believe I am a wolf in a human body, I am a Therian, I am proud, I am letting out the wolf, with no leashes anymore, but I don't want to be alone, so I am reaching out, Therians out there you are not alone anymore accept your gift accept you are, you are born this way, and don't change because sociaty says so... this is you, you are your own being, your own soul, love yourselve for who you are!


Artist | Student | Photography
All I want is to get better at Photography and I love when people give pointers and to hear there opinion

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